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Welcome to Self Help Skills, feel free to check out some the great content and resources I have on this topic.

If you’ve looked online for the definitive self help skills definition you’ve probably left disappointed. Most of the popular definitions relate either to very young children, babies and toddlers, or a very specific, problem situation where something happens and you are allowed to ‘help yourself’ by doing this, that or the other and usually, no more! For some reason, catching some breaking into your home seems to be a popular one!

On www.SelfHelpSkills.org however, we try and adopt a more general, life oriented approach to self help skills.

Self Help Skills:- Personal Development Skills

Self improvement skills and personal development skills are things you gain and should aim to gain throughout your entire life. You never stop learning is as true today as it was a hundred years ago, probably more so as technology continues to change. In a fast moving, constantly changing environment the ability to constantly amend and improve our personal development can be crucial.

Self Help Skills:- Self Confidence Skills

With high self confidence you approach all of life’s challenges in a positive way and everything seems possible. Conversely, if your self confidence is lacking, if you have low self esteem it is likely your motivation has all but disappeared. You now see every situation in the worst possible light and therefore, nothing seems possible.

We aim to provide all you should need to keep everything in a positive light. Here you will find resources that can help you in building self esteem, improve your self confidence and consequently provide you with all the motivation skills you will ever need.

Self Help Skills:- Life Coach Skills

Treat www.SelfHelpSkills.org as your life coach. Your first port of call to either provide the answer or the guidance you are looking for. To simplify your situation. A great many of the problems associated with self help skills are due to external influences. Here you will find resources to help reduce or possibly eliminate that “noise”, thereby allowing you to concentrate on what really matters, helping yourself. It’s not being selfish to optimise yourself, in fact maximizing your own self help skills will benefit both you and those closest to you.

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